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The CIOCD Affiliate Educational Outreach Program

The Canadian Institute for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders is dedicated to improving the quality and accessibility of specialized clinical care for children, adolescents, and adults who are suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and related disorders across Canada as well as internationally. Additional specialized OCD Treatment Centers and development of specialty residential programs for severe OCD are required. The need for dissemination of expertise and increased resources to effectively assess and treat OCD is urgent.

The CIOCD has established three professional initiatives (committees) to endow the Institute with a strong empirically-based specialty scientific as well as grass roots foundation required to achieve CIOCD mandates (Please see About CIOCD Section).

The Canadian Affiliate Outreach Educational Program is comprised of exclusively Canadian professional members with outreach and representation across Canada.

The Scientific Advisory Committee includes 46 national and international OCD experts and other professionals.

The International Accreditation Task Force (ATF) is comprised of 41 pediatric, youth, and adult OCD experts representing 12 nations along with Canada.

The Consumer Volunteer and Networking Group is headed by a dedicated young woman, Ms. Lori Merling. New participants are welcome.

The 100% Canadian CIOCD Affiliate Educational Outreach Program

The CIOCD is dedicated to being informed and responsive to the needs of Canadian colleagues and OCD sufferers. The mandate of the Canadian Affiliate Outreach Educational Program (AOEP) is professional representation and a designated “Affiliate Coordinator” from every Canadian province and region. Participants are advising the CIOCD about available services, current training programs, and urgent treatment needs across Canada. The AEOP is currently conducting a formal funded national survey of specialized services and training for OCD (2015).

Introductory and intermediate educational and training seminars, classes, workshops, clinical supervision, and consultation will be made available to varied Canadian professional groups to build upon existing resources. An advanced training program for mental health professionals and centers is under empirically based examination and development (please see Accreditation Section).

The AEOP mandate also includes consumer representation and input from every Canadian province and region. Community leaders, local groups, and OCD sufferers and their families are invited to become involved and to network with the Institute. Educational outreach initiatives, presentations, lectures, and support groups will be made available to OCD sufferers and families across Canada. Information required for informed treatment choices will be provided to individuals in remote regions. Canadian services for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders through the lifespan can be found on the Public page of this website.

Thank you to the many donors who have supported crucial CIOCD programs, and to the Webster Foundation for the generous gift of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in support of the AEOP. Your gift can change the life of a person suffering from OCD.

New participants are welcome.

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